Renk Finance Options

Renk proudly offers John Deere Financial special financing. Order early and don’t pay until December 2013.

John Deere Financial is a dependable, convenient source of financing for rural America. John Deere Financial offers Preferred Account customers: flexible credit terms, competitive interest rates, dependable credit source, one monthly statement for all John Deere Financial purchases, no annual fee, no card to carry, and incentives with our special terms programs.

Special Terms

  • Special low interest rates that begin on date of purchase, which may be prior to delivery
  • No payments needed until December 2013
  • The full balance, plus any interest if applicable, is due in full December 2013
  • Each purchase by a customer will be applied to special terms individually. A customer will not be able to combine purchases later in the year into the low interest financing offered early in the season
  • No cash discounts apply
  • Minimum purchase for Prime -3% offer is $20,000
  • Minimum purchase for all other offerings is $2,500