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 Renk Seed District Map



District District Manager Email

a. North Dakota, Northern Minnesota

Jeff Taffe

b. Northwest Wisconsin

Ted Richel

c. North Central Wisconsin

Greg Vagts

d. Northeast Wisconsin

Bob Wilms

e. West Central Minnesota

Keith Loe

f. South Central Minnesota

Jeff Berndt

g. Eastern Minnesota, West Central Wisconsin

Glenn Zarling 

h. West Central Wisconsin

Jason Fearing

i. East Central Wisconsin

Bob Bork

Randy Braker

j. Northern Michigan

Henry Buiting

k. South Dakota, Northwest Iowa,

Bill Leuenberger

Jeff Hough

Mark Fillaus

Joe Thorell

l. North Central Iowa

Jim Torkelson 

m. Central Iowa

Jim Torkelson

n. Northeast Iowa

John Heying
o. Southern Wisconsin

Randy Braker

p. Northern Illinois

Justin Engelking

q. Southern Michigan Amy Allen
r. Central Illinois Ron Knapp